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Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is essentially insurance provided to members of a group at a discounted rate by insurers. The insurers are able to provide this coverage at a discount because they’re taking on a pool of insureds that they can spread the risk out among.

For many employers, group health insurance is perhaps the most important fringe benefit they offer because its advantageous tax-wise to both employers and employees. Employers benefit because they get a tax deduction for offering coverage. Employees benefit because compensation their employers provide them with to meet premiums is untaxed.

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Individual Health Insurance

AlthoughMost Americans receive their health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan, people who are self-employed, work part time, aren’t working or work for a business that doesn’t provide health coverage are typically on their own.

People in these types of situations often turn to individual health insurance plans.  These include:

  • Fee-for-service insurance
  • Managed care plans
  • Association-based plans
  • High-risk pools

Many insurers sell individual health insurance plans. But if you’re 50 and older, but not yet 65 and old enough for Medicare, getting an individual insurance plan can be a challenge:

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